Saturday, March 13, 2010

Easter Jar

It should have been easy. Just glass etch a bunny on a jar and throw in some candy...what could be easier? A little ribbon on the lid and a cute little fuzzy sweet and simple. Til it came time to put the candy in that is. Did I mention this was to be the take home craft for the RS Birthday Party? A simple craft for all skill levels and budgets. Empty, the jar looks great so I go to put the candy in and guess what. The bunny disappears with any "busy" filler. Jelly beans....too busy, M&M's.....too busy. Trip to Walmart to find something to display in the jar for church tomorrow. Nothing looked right except maybe a jar full of sugar (not too busy but who gives someone a jar of sugar for a gift?). So I slipped a square of paper behind the bunny so at least you can see it!!!
From behind it looks kind of cute! But the whole project is about teaching how to glass etch! Any suggestions? I feel a headache coming on. Diana

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  1. I've been wanting to try glass etching for a while! These are cute!