Saturday, March 13, 2010

More Visiting Teaching Gifts

Here are a few more samples of little gifts to make and give to our visiting teaching sisters (or really anyone) that will be displayed at saturdays RS Birthday Party. One criteria for the handouts were that they be very inexpensive. This little plastic heart is filled with mint chocolates. The stamp is so cool and the ink is permanent. Most inks just rub off of smooth surfaces.
I tied a bright ribbon around the heart to add a little more red and to tightly hold the lid in place.
These tins are from the dollar store! Cheap! I lined it with a little paper and then used it to hold these magnets I made from floral supply pebbles. Same idea, but a different image is mod podged on the back of the pebble. This one is definitely for Easter! There are eggs in a nest for the image. (see below for a slightly better picture) For this tin I mod podged E-A-S-T-E-R on the back of the pebbles and attached small magnets.
The tin has a clear lid. The magnets stick to the inside and can be arranged to spell a message.

A close up of the Easter egg image. It is like looking in a kaleidoscope because the image is distorted and reflects in a magical way. Love it!
I also did this HUGE sock cupcake! The socks are very thick and fluffy! This one really looks like frosting swirled on top. The pick is inserted in the folds of the cupcake.
It is difficult to see, but the paper wrapper is flocked and really looks lux in person. Can't wait for an excuse to give this to someone! Diana


  1. Love these!! You've got some great ideas!

  2. OMG! I am SO saving the GIANT cupcake for a gift idea! SO STINKING CUTE!!!! ~Bridgette (Found you through The Graphics Fairy)