Friday, October 7, 2011

Fabulous Find Friday 3

Have you heard of Hogwash soap?  Well you are about to.  This stuff is the best.  I found it at my local boutique downtown and since I love anything handmade, especially soap, I bought it.  The saleslady had made some pretty amazing claims, like it could take out old spots on clothes and clean grease off your hand as well as garden soil.  I just thought it would look cute in my kitchen.......  PLUS it come in a cute paper bag.  And the name, who wouldn't want to wash with hogwash soap.   I now am convinced this stuff CAN DO ANYTHING!  I got ring around the collar out of old white dress shirts!  It cleans hands like nothing else regardless of what mess you have gotten into.  And my husband swears if he washes with this stuff after tromping in the woods he doesn't break out with poison ivy!  I know, I sound like a paid advertisement (I'm not) but I love this soap.  And chocolate.  Lots of chocolate....ummmm.  A-n-y-way, since you can't all come to my hometown to get it (I wish you could, it is so cute with a town square and fountain and old buildings and brick streets and we have parades and car shows and festivals with lots of fried foods) I found their website.  Seriously, this stuff is good.  Diana

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