Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pretty Pink Cloud

In my part of the country the cold weather has already rolled in so it is time to get out the knitting needles,  I made a pretty pink scarf for myself!
 I used #9 needles and cast on 14 stitches.  Then I did a simple box stitch for the whole scarf. 
row 1:  *knit 2 purl 2* repeat to the last two stitches and then knit 2
row 2:  *purl 2 knit 2* repeat to the last two stitches and then purl 2
row 3:  repeat row 2
row 4:  repeat row 1
Continue in the above pattern til scarf is desired length.
I decided to put a spilt in the scarf to make wearing it easier.

This is the yarn I used.  It is soooo soft.  Great for the coming snow.Diana

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