Friday, May 4, 2012

5 Dollar Cabinet

I love free, or nearly free, as in the case of this little cabinet!  My neighbor had a yard sale and I bought a scuffed cherry finished solid wood nightstand.  It even had brass hardware.  Yuck.
I got out the black paint and brushed nickel spray paint and went to work.  Rain was threatening to start any minute but I managed to get the paint on and the cabinet inside before it came down.  After it dried I carried this HEAVY little guy downstairs to the basement TV room.  I had promised my husband I wouldn't carry furniture down the stairs e-v-e-r again (long story but let's just say I stepped backwards into thin air and took a tumble), but this time I was SOOOOO careful.

This chair was free (and was the piece of furniture I took the spill with).  I haven't put any accessaries on the cabinet yet, got to let the paint cure a little longer.  The room is small so I think the cabinet is just right for the space beneath "THE TV".  I don't need it for the DVD player, etc., because it is all behind the wall, so this is free territory to dress up.  Diana

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  1. I want to know how you for the DVD player behind the wall!