Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quilted Basket Handle

Living here near Amish Country I have access to beautiful handmade baskets that I use in place of bags.  They are so roomy and look so much nicer, especially when you use a vintage tea towel to cover up all the stuff.  I feel just like little red riding hood with a basket of goodies!  One problem though.  The wood handles can be a little uncomfortable on the hands.  No worries.  I just made a super soft cover that keeps the hard edges from digging into my skin.  Basically I made a large potholder, trimmed in bias tape and out of the cutest fabric!  Then I sewed three buttons on the bottom edge and three button holes on the top.  I mismatched the buttons for a fun accent.

I bet you could do the same thing with a purchase potholder!  And if button holes scare you, (admit it, they can be frightening) just use some velcro instead.


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