Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Farm on Kenyon Road

 I have a new routine this summer.  First thing each morning after taking care of the girls in the hen house and weeding in the garden, I decide if I need to go to the market.  Not the big superstore downtown.  No, I look in my fridge and take inventory of the fresh vegetable bin.  Do I need more cucumbers or maybe some fresh blueberries?  About every third day I head 5 minutes down the road and shop at a new farm market that has opened in my rural neighborhood.  The Farm on Kenyon Road is a charming slice of country life. 
 Crissie, the owner, sells produce and goods she grows or that are produced within 25 miles of The Farm.  Organically grown vegetables fill baskets and canned goods line shelves.  Recipes cards are tucked here and there that feature the produce.  Baked goods, fresh eggs and cookbooks are also for sale.  Behind the market, chickens and goats keep busy in their pens and members of the family are tending the huge garden.  Crissie is quick to share her hard earned knowledge, when asked, about the many aspects of rural living.   Much as our ancestors use to gather in the general store, I am drawn to The Farm.  It is a place to chat about bees and the benefits of goat milk, zucchini and the best ways to control weeds and anything else that is on my mind.  I hope you all have a place like The Farm to connect with your neighbors and learn to slow down just a bit and enjoy the blessings of country life.  Diana

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  1. Diana, Love your blog! And I'm so touched by what you wrote about visiting our farm, thank you. I love our visits just as much as you do! See you soon.