Sunday, December 23, 2012

Peppermint Marshmallow Candy

Do you have time to make one more candy in time for Christmas?  I hope you do cuz these peppermint marshmallows covered in chocolate are to die for!!!!!!If you have never eaten a home made marshmallow you have been missing one of the best tasting treats on the planet.  So don't cheat and use store bought marshmallows.  You will be sad if you do......  I use a recipe from Martha (notice the first name basis, all be it one way, we are on).
After letting it set over night, I turned it out on a cornstarch and powdered sugar covered board.
Using a knife sprayed with Pam, I cut the marshmallows into about one inch squares.  Don't be too OCD about this, it is just candy not rocket science.
Then I melted some white chocolate from Chocoley which is a dream to work with.  No clumping, smooth and creamy without any wax added!  And it tastes delicious.
Each mashmallow is dipped in the white chocolate and allowed to dry with dipped side up.
After the white chocolate is set up, melt milk chocolate, also from Chocoley, and dip the other side of the marshmallow.  Be sure that none of the marshmallow is left without chocolate (either white or milk).
See what I mean about not worrying if the pieces aren't exactly the same size. 
Now just pipe some melted dark chocolate across the tops.  Now aren't you glad you made these!!!!  Diana

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