Monday, March 11, 2013

Cinnamon Spread For Cinnamon Toast

One of our favorite breakfast treats has always been crispy cinnamon toast.  We often have it when cereal just won't do but a full cooked breakfast seems too much.  My husband usually makes it by spreading butter from edge to edge on a piece of bread.  Then he sprinkles cinnamon sugar (we keep a jar of it at all times) and pops the bread under the broiler until the sugar bubbles and the bread gets brown around the edges.  So simple but it is such a comfort food!
I thought I would share with you The Beehive Cottage own recipe for this sugary toast I found a few days ago.  She mixes all the ingredients in a bowl which she can then spread on the bread.  The picture above was my attempt using her tutorial and I must say it is as delicious as the one we make-plus you can keep a bowl of the spread in the fridge for another day.  I especially like spreading the mixture as opposed to the layered way we do it.  I did tweak it by using my food processor to mix the ingredients and then broiling instead of baking the toast.  Not only was it faster but broiling left the underside of the bread soft. 

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