Friday, March 29, 2013

Fabulous Find Friday For March 29th

Living in Amish country has so many perks.  Not only do we have a abundance of bakeries specializing in good old fashion treats, quilt shops full of handmade items, buggies tied to lamp posts at the local Walmart and bulk food stores where you can get staples (and candy!) at low prices, but we also have friendships with these knowledgeable people who have been living off the land for generations.  Several years ago some of our Amish friends told us of a seed company that they bought all their seeds from.
 After tasting the wonderful corn from their garden we knew we needed to try some of these seeds for our garden.  Berlin Seed Company is located in Berlin, Ohio and has the highest quality seeds with wonderful germination.  Plus they have "Incredible" corn seed.  That's really it's name, "Incredible", and it does describe the corn we have gotten every year since.  The only thing bad I can say about this company is that you can't order online, duh, it is Amish!  That meant that every year I needed to drive to Berlin to get my seeds (hardly a huge problem since I usually stopped at my favorite fry pie bakery on the way).  I could also order on the phone but that meant I had to find my catalog, which I am always losing.  So when I found another company that loves Berlin Seed so much they have an online store that carries them, I knew this would be great for me (I can now order seeds and officially start my garden without ever having to get out of my PJ's) and for those of you who don't live in Amish country!  You're welcome!  Direct Garden Seeds carries all my favorite seeds, including Incredible Corn, Amish Paste Tomato, and so many others.  I placed my first order this morning!  Click on the link to order yours too!

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