Monday, May 12, 2014

Jungle Tumbler Quilt

Talk about cheerful colors!  I used fabrics that had a jungle theme and were very bright.  This quilt will be wrapped around a precious baby boy that my little friend is due to have any day now.
I have never tried tumbling blocks before but was pleasantly surprised to find they went together very easily.  I cut a template out of thin cardboard and used it, along with a plastic ruler to cut out the blocks.  They sew together in horizontal rows.  Those rows' seams are then press in alternating directions, first row to the right, next to the left and so on.  This allows them to "sandwich" together when the rows are sewn.  You get such nice points that way!
  They hardest part was laying out the blocks!
 I machined quilted both sides of each seam.  The binding is hand sewn on.
The back is strip pieced with fabric I had left over from the blocks!  I really liked doing it that way.
Hope the little guy loves it as much as I do.

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