Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One Use Soaps

Have you ever seen a child tear apart a cereal box to get to the prize inside?  Well I'm hoping the prizes inside these soaps will have dirty little hands scrubbing furiously to get to them!  I've made other versions before (here and here) that always worked great.
I made a mold in the shape of a mini fish bowl.
 Little tiny Nemo fish swim around the bowl.
 See, he is looking at you.
 This one looks like a shell on the beach.
 But it is a hermit crab right at the water's edge.
Oops, looks like he might get carried away by the next wave. 
 A miniature rubber duck is taking a bubble bath.
I got the miniature animals at a hardware store in Amish country.  Less than 1 inch in size, they were perfect for these tiny soaps.  I've included links to purchase each toy above.

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