Saturday, November 21, 2015

WiFi Password For Guests

Do you know you can change you WiFi password from that ridiculously long string of numbers?  I googled it and followed the instructions and then......lost all access to the internet.  Called my provider and found out you also need to delete and then re establish your internet connection.  WITH ALL YOUR DEVICES.  Not hard once I knew how.  Then my printer wouldn't work.  Same deal.  Reconnect.  I think I am all set now.......  Back to the reason I changed my password.  When we have guests it is annoying to have to give them that old password.  So now I have a cute little framed Welcome and WiFi info picture in the guest room for them.
So much easier for them now. 
Got the frame at Walmart and printed the info.
I think it is a cute way to make my guest feel welcome.

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