Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Wintery Deer Pillow

I have been seeing Heat Transfer Vinyl projects all over the net and finally got enough courage to try one myself.  I don't have a heat press (hint, hint, Christmas is coming!) so I had to use an iron.  Apparently you shouldn't use a sheet of glass as a base....... crack!  But other than that small problem it wasn't so hard.
 I used a Silhouette file for the deer image and pretty blue flocked vinyl.  The silhouette cut it out like butter even though it was very intricate.  Then I used my iron at the hottest setting (less than 300 degrees).  I also used a Teflon sheet between the iron and vinyl.  Less than 1 minute of heavy pressure and the vinyl was stuck.  I am not sure if this pillow would stand up to a washing machine but since it is a pillow not a pillow cover it should not ever see the inside of a washer.
Here is a closer view.  This pillow is going to my youngest daughter who uses a lot of blues and grays in her decor.  Hope she likes it.

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