Thursday, January 7, 2016

It's Going To Get Better.....Right?

Day 5 of the remodel.  The closet is painted and waiting to dry so I can put up the rods again.
The door ways have been moved.  The old ones are closed off, dry walled and have 2 layers of mud on them.
 We have most of the tile up and found a little water damage by the shower.  Great.  The sink is out.
 The sliding door is gone.  We will build a new toilet room once we get the shower out.
 Where the ladder stands will be the new 4 foot by 4 foot shower.
 the new sink will go on this wall.
This is the side of the old shower.  Once it is gone we will have more room for the new sink.

Above is the new floor plan and below is the old layout.
More pictures as we get further into the process!

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