Thursday, February 4, 2016

Closer, Closer, We Are Almost Done!

Alright, got a lot of pictures of the master bath project for you today.
 Got the massive tub in place and hooked up.  NIGHTMARE!  Thank goodness my husband is a man of infinite patience, strenght and skill.
 I think it looks great against the tile floor.
 This tub is 6 feet long and 3 feet wide.  We brought it out about 9 inches from all the walls so it's footprint in the room is huge.
 This tub is not meant for a small bathroom.
 Next day we brought in the vanity.  It is made of solid wood so it was a bear to move.  We took out the drawers to lighten it up a bit.  Really love this vanity.
 Here it is pushed back against the wall.
 And a few hours later the drawers are in and the marble top is on.  (Also heavy!)  The faucet is brushed nickel and super cool looking.
 Another angle.
 And just before going to bed that night my husband put up the curtains.  
 Today we put a little extra storage into the toilet room.  No more running out of toilet paper.......
One last look at the bathroom.  We can close the curtains for privacy.
We are working on molding today.  Lots of painting and sawing and nailing.  Maybe the tile for the shower will get here soon.  Then we can start on it.  Oh and the light above the tub is still on order........and the shower door we want appears to be on back we do have a bit more to do before we can relax,,,,,,,in that giant tub!

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