Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Master Bathroom Remodel Finished!

 Today we put the final touches on the remodel!
Just to remind you how awful the bathroom started out check out the before picture above.  20 years old and showing it's age.....  Below is a sketch of the new floor plan.  We moved the shower out of the toilet room and nudged the vanity over to make room for the larger tub.
 Here is the new bathroom!  Huge deep soaker tub and vanity replace the outdated built in tub and low vanity.
 Love the color scheme, aqua and grey.  It looks so clean and fresh.  The vanity is 36 inches tall, not including the back splash.  It is looks like a piece of furniture.  It came with a marble top and framed mirror.  All the metals in the room are a mixture of brushed nickel, chrome and a little bronze.
 Here is the new shower.  The base is made of a solid material, but the walls are tiled.  The shower door hangs from barn door-like hardware and is so cool.  
 We ran a strip of glass, stone and stainless steel accent tile down the back of the white subway tiled wall.
 Here is a better picture of the hardware but it was taken before the shower faucet was put in.
 Shower niche for all our necessities.
 The final installation done today was the heated towel rack......I know, sooooooo wonderful!  Hot towels after your shower......too awesome.
 Last look at the shower area.  Love the wood look tile on the floor.
And, some extra storage in the new toilet room.
This project took us almost 7 weeks from start to finish.  We had to tear out old tile, replace damaged drywall, redo almost all the plumbing and electrical and installed all the new walls, floors and fixtures!  We used no professionals at all......did it all ourselves!  Of course it took a little longer but we got the bathroom of our dreams at a fraction of what we would have paid a contractor.  The money we saved went towards high quality materials and fixtures instead.  AND it looks so good......

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