Saturday, October 8, 2016

Flip House Cont.

We are getting closer to the finish line with the flip house!  Over the last month we have made a lot of improvements.  Here are a few pics to catch you all up with the progress.
A new front door and wall paint.  The front porch used to be a barn red that just stuck out like a sore thumb.  We painted the siding white to match the rest of the house.  The old door had weird diamond shaped molding so we put in a new one that has a cottage feel.
 Last post I showed you the leaking sewer pipes (above) that were made out of cast iron.
 We now have replaced them and the toilet "water" no longer drips into the basement.
 We discovered the well water had a lot of iron in it so we put in an in line filter.
 The dining room is done and just waiting for new flooring.  We love the pass through.

 The only original floor we could salvage was in the master.  We sanded it down to the base wood and stained it a rich mahogany.

 We are using a satin finish over the stain.  Yesterday we put on the second coat and Monday we will see how it looks after drying for a few days over the weekend.
 One of my favorite things about the house was the hall cabinet.  Of course it had a horrible wood stained finish and some of the doors were beyond repair.  My husband made new fronts for the damaged ones and we painted the whole thing white.  I polished all the brass hardware and it all looks so pretty now. 
Inside the linen closet.  All fresh and clean now.
Here is the now functioning laundry chute.  The cabinet was missing one of the drawers so we put a nice shelf in the space.  It will be a great place to put pretty hand towels.
 The second bedroom is also done except for the flooring.  Don't you love all the natural light that comes in through the corner windows!
 I was able to save the third bedroom's closet door.  I think it adds a little original charm to an otherwise plain Jane room.
One last picture,  this is a view into the backyard through the dining room's new sliding door.  We were able to find this stone patio under a layer of weeds and dirt!  We now have our lunch out there every makes for a nice break from all the dust from the remodeling.
Hope you enjoyed what we have accomplished so far in our little flip.  We are finishing up the hall, master bedroom and a few closets this next week.  We have also started working on the living room.  We are starting to feel we are getting close to the end!

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