Friday, October 14, 2016

More Progress at the Flip

We are doing more work in the living room now.  The insert got a good sanding for some new paint I put on later that day.  Right now I am letting it cure before I show how it turned out.

 Back in the master, I took a pic of the corner windows.
 New closet with sliding doors.
 We cleaned up the ceiling fan and put it back up.
 Under the plastic are beautiful dark stained floors.
 Back in the living room, we got busy giving the paneling a few coats of bright white paint.
 Looks so much better!  See a before here.
 Opposite the fireplace is a huge span of windows.  Still working on the drywall.
 Here is the entry way.  I started mudding it today.  The appliances have no where else to go for now.
 Now for a pic of what I have spent hours at a time working on the last two days.
Peeling off multiply layers of contact paper that has become brittle from age.  For the love of everything good in the world NEVER PUT THIS STUFF ON YOUR KITCHEN SHELVES!  You will hate yourself at some point if you do.

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