Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Button, Button, I Have The Button

You have probably seen these on cookie blogs before but I had to try my hand at them too. All of the ones I saw were outlined in the same color as the body of the button so I thought it would look cool if I outlined in black instead.........after all I had decorated two whole batches of cookies just last week, my very first ever, and they came out beautifully. I was now an expert and could tackle a simple shape like a button (and a duck but more of that tomorrow)! I mean it is only a couple of circles right? And black would look so country! I am now a more humble cookie decorator. These buttons kicked my bum. Apparently black is very noticeable and if your circle isn't PERFECT it really stands out. Bummer. Using the same color for the outline and flooding would have been so much better. And I also had a lot of issues with the consistency of the glace. And I tried to make too many cookies so I wasn't really having much fun.....feel bad for me please..... Maybe I will just go and have one of my lopsided buttons to help me feel better. Diana

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