Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dollar Store Fimo Kitty

Remember the fimo egg I did a few days ago? Well it got me thinking.....I had seen some VERY expensive fimo pieces in an artsy shop a while back. They were made of fimo canes and were fantastic. Snakes, frogs and bears carved by the artist and then covered in bright colored canes.....Well I am no sculptor but I figured if I could cover an egg with canes, could I cover other things to get a similar look as those pricey pieces of art? Using my calico cat as an inspiration, here is my own little piece of "art". I pick up a cheap figurine at the Dollar Tree (below) and made a lot of fimo canes. My one regret is that I played it safe by using too much white and not enough color.
Here is the cat as it came from the store. It was important that the figurine be a simple shape, without much detail. I would be adding a lot of bulk so a skinny cat worked best.
The canes were sliced at 1/8 inch and they stuck to the gloss finish of the cat just fine. After it was all covered, I mushed the canes together to cover the spaces in between. Then I used a small roller to blend the seams until they disappeared.
This took some time. The face was the hardest. The fimo obscured most of the detail of the face so I had to form it with my poor skills....I am no artist for sure! Cooked at 220 for 15 minutes and let cool. Then about three coats of polymer glaze. I can't wait to make another and I am on the look out for other figurines to cover! Diana


  1. This is so cute! your fatter cat looks much sweeter than the skinny one you started with, and the caning is darling.

  2. Wow! I did not even know this was possible! Now I have something new to try.... Thanks for sharing! Following you back..