Monday, June 13, 2011

Flag Box

Would you believe this gorgeous vintage chest started out as a C.H.E.A.P. little pine jewelry box from my local craft store costing less than $5.00? (If your answer isn't "I can't believe it" proceeded by a gasp of astonishment.... be nice and keep it to yourself)How did I do it? Well, I painted the box black, including the latch and hinges. Next I modge podged the image on the top and let dry. Then I distressed the whole thing with sand paper, exposing some of the brass on the hardware and wood. Using brown ink, I sponged the exposed areas to add age and finally I sprayed it with matte craft spray. Yippee, It looks so expensive and is perfect for the 4th.

The image is from The Graphics Fairy and is free! Thank you Karen! Seriously, if you aren't checking out her site DAILY you are missing out big time. Diana


  1. You did an amazing job transforming the box into this gorgeous piece of Americana!

  2. you did awesome.. ah how i love mod podge!! what cant it do???
    love everything about this: )


  3. Great transformation and oh so simple, thanks for sharing.