Tuesday, June 21, 2011

That's My Pie!

What do you get an Amish couple for their wedding? Money is always welcome but it seems so impersonal. So, along with a bit of cash, I etched their name onto a glass pie dish and plan on putting it and some other baking tools into a basket. I used my cricut to cut out vinyl (a reverse image so that it will look correct when seen through the glass). I like to use vinyl better than contact paper because it prevents bleeding under better. The vinyl goes on the back of the pie plate and I pressed the edges of the words down really well. Next I applied a generous coating of etching cream onto the letters and allowed it to sit for 15 minutes. After the time was up, I scraped the cream back into the jar (you can keep reusing it) and rinsed off the residue. I then removed the vinyl and rinsed again, making sure no cream or glass dust was left on the plate. After it dried the letters showed up very well. Now our friends will always get their dish back after Amish get togethers. And yes I realize there are tons of Yoders, but how many of them will have their name on their dish!!!! Diana

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