Friday, June 24, 2011

Please tell me this doesn't look like a purse

I promised my eight year old that it doesn't look like a purse, but I am not completely convinced (shhh). He needed a carrying case for his robot covered scriptures he received as a gift for his baptism in May. I found this great fabric at Hobby Lobby and came up with this case. I stitched up two envelopes of fabric and then sewed a 45 degree angle at each bottom corner to create a 3-d envelope. Then after sewing both envelopes together with right sides facing I flipped them right side out through a small opening. A little top stitching and striped handle and he has his own non-purse like carrying case (or so I keep telling him).


  1. that's a mag (man bag!), he he, totally cute.

  2. You could change the handle to make it into a back pack style :-)