Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cluck, Cluck

I'm a lucky girl.  I live on a small farm that allows me to keep a little flock of chickens.  They provide me, and many of my friends and family with fresh eggs all year round.  I have noticed that some women must have a gene that draws them to our little feathered friends!  Me and my fellow chicken lovers talk about our "girls" every time we get together.  "How many eggs are you getting?"  "Are you using a light this winter to keep them laying?"  "Did you end up with any roosters in your last batch of chicks?" (I think I got 4!)We just can't seem to get enough of the little ladies!  So when I came across a pattern for these cute little pin cushions in the shape of chubby hens I knew I would have to make a flock of them. 

 Two tiny little log cabin squares are sewn together to form this hen.
 I used scraps of yellow, red and brown fabrics.  They are cut in one inch wide strips (finished size ends up being 1/2 wide).
Here is a shot of her bottom (pardon me!) and the sloppy whip stitch I used to close her up.  I used rice as a filler.  I didn't add the tail (forgot until she was already roosting in her nest and didn't want to disturb her). I got the pattern in Holmes County, Ohio's Amish country from a sweet little quilt shop but you can order it on the designer's web page.  Her pattern doesn't include it I think you could also do this faster paper piecing (if you are good at drawing your own pattern).  But you will need her assembling me.  Diana

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