Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cookies For Me!

On the day I took these pictures, it was snowing, very appropriate for winter cookies but terrible for picture taking.  Remember when I did a Fabulous Friday on edible cookie transfers from King Arthur Flour?  Well, I became obsessed with them (so unlike me I know).
   Do you know you can make these with just a few purchases on line.......A new printer, edible ink cartridges and edible cookie wafers from Kopy Kake and I was ready to go!  I am going to have to make a bunch of these to make back the set up cost but the possibilities! 
 This snowman for instance.  I used clear piping gel and coarse sugar around the edge.
And how sweet are these little Victorian tots all bundled up for winter.  And wait til you see some of the other cookies I have dancing around in my head!  Diana

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