Friday, June 29, 2012

Better Apple Pie

Apple pies are so "american".  And I have been trying different recipes for years, trying to find one I liked.  My problem? I find baked apples to be rather boring.  No matter how tart the apples start out, once you bake them in a pie, they lose the pucker factor.  So sad.  But after a trip to our farmer's market where I was seduced by plumb tart locally grown blueberries, my husband suggested I combine the granny smith apples I had in the fridge with the berries to make a small pie.  Sure, sounds doable.  I even found a recipe that gave me a jumping off point.Basically all you have to do is add a handful of blueberies to your fav apple pie recipe and viola- an apple pie that taste tart enough to please anyone!  No too sweet and boring beige filling here.  Pilled high berries and apples look pretty with a flaky lattice crust.  So next time you make your apple pie, throw in a handful of blueberries and taste the difference!  Diana

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