Friday, June 15, 2012

A Perfect Day

Well, it was actually two perfect days.
First we spent a day out at the cabin. 
Abby brought her bow and practiced her aim.   Can we say Hunger Games......  We worked hard on cutting and nailing up the pine boards we are putting on the walls and ceiling.  Us girls take a break and head to the nearby Amish market for some fresh fry pies and old fashion soda.  The Friendly Meadow Market has the best sandwiches and treats and the owners are always happy to chat. 
That night and this morning Ron worked on the mustang and today we got it registered in preparation for it's first road trip. 
After running some errands, and straightening up the house, I took this picture of the path through the woods on my way up to the barnyard.  Ron said he saw some wild turkeys with their chicks so I was off to find them and get a shot, if I could find them. 
I finally found them in the pasture and just as I took aim, the chicks flew for the safety of the nearby berry patch.
It was to the edge of the pasture next and a picture of our neighboring farmer's cornfield. 
While searching for wild raspberries, I saw this firefly resting on a leaf. 
Then it was on to our secret place in the cool woods to rest a moment on the log. 
Finally a ripe berry, and a reminder to order edible gold spray paint.  I am going to spray berries and plop them on everything. 
The beehives are full of sweet golden honey and we will soon harvest this season's crop. 
On my way back to the house I take this picture of the barnyard.  The grass is looking brown from the lack of rain, so I will be watering the garden tomorrow.   But for now I have cookies to decorate for my husband's Sunday School class and dinner to make.  We have chocolate pie is in the fridge to look forward to for dessert.  Yes, a perfect couple of days.  Diana


  1. i wish i was there right now! Not a perfect day, but a day in heaven!!!!

  2. Oh how i wish I was there!!! A day made in heaven!!!!