Sunday, September 23, 2012

Altered Art Fairy Jar

Here is another project "inspired" by a booth at the Country Living Fair last week.
The images were purchased from and are so cool because each image includes a front and back view.  And the colors are so vivid!   
The hardest part of the project was cutting out the front and back view of each image.  Also, finding a mason jar that had at least one smooth side!  Ok, this is how I did it.  I used florist clay mashed onto the bottom of the jar.  This was covered with sheet moss cut to fit.  Each image was cut out and sandwiched together front and back, with a strong wire in between that stuck out the bottom about one inch.  I used craft glue so the edges are really glued together and show no gaps.  After the fairy and mushrooms dried, I cut the wire off so it had about 1/2 inch lenght extending.  Now I could stick it through the moss into the clay.  You might notice a bee on a wire attached to the jar lid.  That was just two bee stickers stuck back to back.  I spray painted the jar lid a color to match the fairy and that's it.  Just a bit of whimsy for a little girl to gaze at and dream of tiny creatures dancing in the moon light.  Diana

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