Saturday, June 1, 2013

Fourth Of July on a Stick

I know we are a bit early for the 4th but won't it be a relief to know what you will be making ahead of time?
I saw these at the local farmer's market and knew they would be perfect (and delicious) to pass out at a picnic or BBQ!  Plus, anything served on a stick is super cute.  Use the longest lollipop sticks you can get (mine were a little short) and make sure they are thick enough to not wobble once loaded with the goodies.
Made with strawberries, angel food cake (cut into cubes) and blueberries, the colors are perfect.  White chocolate is drizzled on top to sweeten things up a bit more.  Once the chocolate is dried, they can be packaged in bags making them portable as well.
You could also use tradition shortbread for a heartier, biscuit like cube.  The ones at the market were made with lavender shortbread.......either way they are both delicious!

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