Friday, January 27, 2012

Fabulous Find Friday 11

And why is it important to have THE WORLD'S BEST CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES instead of the inexpensive jimmies available at the grocery store?  Silly people, you have obviously never eaten THE WORLD'S BEST CHOCOLATE SPRINKLES......or you wouldn't ask.In Holland they eat these as a sandwich topping ( I knew the dutch were smart people).  I saw these at the hotel we were staying at on the breakfast table along with the jam and butter in little white boxes (shown in picture).  How weird I thought, to put jimmies on your bread at breakfast.  Then I popped a few in my mouth and went "wow", these things are soooooo good.  Like in real chocolate taste!  We have been eating brown colored playdough and no one told us!  NO ONE TOLD US!!!!  So I did what any sensible person would do.....I "borrowed" a few boxes to hold me over and headed to the neighborhood chocolate store (yes in Holland they have neighborhood chocolate stores!) to buy a big box of these delicious little sprinkles.  But what to do when I run out of these and can't justify a trip back to Holland just for chocolate (my husband is unreasonable that way)?  Well, amazon does carry them (three 14 oz boxes for about 18.00) as does a dutch import store (one 14 oz box for about 4.00).  Just think of the ways you can use these.......on ice cream, cupcakes, hot cocoa (with whipped cream on top), or the traditional dutch way, on a slice of bread spread with butter and a huge pile of sprinkles on top......... Diana


  1. I agree these are the BEST sprinkles ever! I am biased being married to a Dutchman...not sure where you live but we have a Dutch store that we go to.

  2. Cost Plus World Market now carries them. The milk and dark. I work there these sell out fast.

  3. Where do you live? Cost Plus World Market now carries the milk and dark chocolate sprinkles. They also carry other food items from outside the US. Vegemite, Marmite, Hines Beanz and so on. Check your local store if you have one.