Monday, January 2, 2012

Look What I Found On Ebay

Everyone needs a place to get away and for our family it is a tiny little cabin we are building on 12 acres with a year round creek.  We have been working on the kitchen for the last few trips and one of the latest additions is this adorable shelf my husband built using antique shelf brackets I found on Ebay.  The shelf is 18 inches deep and is great for all the cool stuff I have been picking up at auctions!We just had a well drilled but water is not yet hooked up.  We have to bring ii in for the toilet for now, but soon I will have a kitchen sink, and full bathroom!

Counters are still on the honey do list as is wood floors, trim, curtains, etc., etc., etc.,

Here is a shot of an antique egg weigher that I found in a misc. box I bid on and won at a farm auction last year. I love all the rustic and fun things that have found a home at our little cabin.  Even though we spend more time working while we are there than relaxing, we can finally see an end in sight...... No TV, no cell phones or video games.  A warm fire in the wood stove, dinner in the cock pot and reading an old book while nestled in the rocking chair.  A place to let go of all the trapping of the world and just be together with ones you love.  Ahhhhh.  Diana


  1. The brackets really bring a finished touch to the shelf. Your little getaway is looking fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. o how fun!!! thanks for sharing:)

  3. Wow! you have been busy since i saw it last. it looks awesome. can wait to see the final touches.