Friday, January 18, 2013

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs!

I have been consumed with finding the best method for perfectly hard boiled eggs!  I have chickens so my eggs are very fresh.  That means my boiled eggs are a mess to peel.  And that green ring around the yolk, yuck.  I tried different methods on the stove top----boil, don't boil, lid on, lid off, run under cold water, Eggies.......even baking in the oven.  All with the same results.  Half the egg stuck on the shell, over or under cooked yolks and that green stuff......  Then, while searching for  a pressure cooker recipe for dinner, I found Hip Pressure Cooking who had instructions for steaming eggs!  Sounded interesting.  I decided to give it a try.  It took some adjusting of her timing to come out with an egg that was perfectly cooked, (I cooked one egg at the recommended 6 minutes, found that it was a little under cooked so I increased it to 7 minutes) but her method was fast, easy and turns out every time!  Here is the process.......
Fill your electric pressure cooker with 1 cup water.  Hip has instructions for non electric cookers too!  Put in a rack or steam basket.
Now arrange a dish towel over the rack and place up to a dozen eggs, or as many as will fit without touching each other.  Use the towel to provide cushioning between eggs.
Cook at low pressure for 7 minutes.
Allow pressure to release on it's own (natural release).  On my machine this takes about 3 to 4 minutes.  This step is very important.  If you hurry up the steam release (and I know you will want to!) the yolk with not cook through no matter how long you steam cook them. 
Once the steam is all gone, remove the lid, use tongs to take out eggs and run under cold water for 3 minutes.  Crack the eggs on both ends and (I was so impressed) easily remove shells. 
These eggs are not rubbery, the yolks are creamy and there is no green to be seen!  I have made these 5 times with the same results......I will never boil another egg again------plus the total time involved is about 15 minutes tops.  Thanksgiving will now have one less kitchen catastrophe next year!!!!  Diana

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