Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Steam Those Farm Fresh Eggs

Last week I did a post about preparing hard boiled eggs in the pressure cooker.  Since my hens had stopped laying for the winter (my girls are getting older and have started slowing down egg production), I used store bought eggs (gasp).  Steaming the eggs worked so well I couldn't wait to try the method of my chicken's fresh eggs but thought I would have to wait for spring's warmer weather.
Then this morning I found three eggs in the chicken house!  The previous week's warmer temps must have tricked the ladies into laying.  Yipee!  I quickly got out the electric pressure cooker, put in my three precious eggs, set the cooker at low pressure for 7 minutes and did the natural steam release.  After the eggs sat in ice cold water for three minutes, I started to peel them and......... the shells easily slipped off the eggs leaving smooth eggs perfectly cooked!  Oh happy day.  This almost made up for the failed attempt at today's homemade yogurt. Yuck 

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