Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tires For Our VintageTrailer

The work has begun on our sweet little trailer.  First of all we named her......."A-frayed-knot"......it fits the shabby cottage decorating style we will decorate her in.  But first we have to get her road ready and that begins with new tires.
 Here she is in the barn, where she will live when not on the road.
 My husband took off the tires and rims.  We cleaned them up with paint remover, sand blasting and hand sanding til all the old  paint and rust were removed.  Then we primed them and painted them with automotive paint.
 It took a few days but they look great now.
While I was in the big city picking up new foam for the inside cushions (who knew how expensive foam was!), my husband got new tires put on the rims.  He showed me how to pack the bearings and put the tires back on the trailer.  The new chrome half moon hubs will arrive any day now.  I can't believe I am excited about hub caps, but I am!   Now we have to fix or replace the tail lights, but that will have to wait for my husband to be back from a business trip.  Until then I can work a little on the interior.......and maybe take a few naps in our sweet little "A-frayed-knot".

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