Thursday, September 19, 2013

Yipee, More Trailer Interior Pictures

Let me take you on a tour.  As you come into our sweet little A-Frayed-Knot, look to the right, that is the dining area.  The new pillows make the benches look very inviting.
 Vintage table cloth and dishes (and camera lens cover) set just the right mood.
Turn left and walk past the kitchen and you come to the master bedroom.  The new trailer pillow and trailer picture leave you with little doubt of what kind of abode this is.  An antique quilt and fresh white linens look so inviting.
 At the foot of the bed is the new shelf providing loads of storage.
 Another view of the bedroom.  On the right is the huge one and a half square foot closet and on the left is the appliance filled kitchen.
As we get near the front door, one last look at the table scape.  The cardinals on the salt and pepper shakers pay homage to our home state of Ohio.  Hope you enjoyed the tour.