Thursday, September 5, 2013

First Cushion For The Trailer Done!

This morning I finished the first of many cushions for our vintage trailer!  Not as hard as I thought it would be and certainly do-able for a home sewer.  I put a long, upholstery zipper on one long end.  Because it is heavy duty (maybe overkill for this weight fabric) I had to cover the zipper so it wouldn't rub against things.  I do think I could have worried more about pattern match on the fabric but that was just too much pressure so I decided I wouldn't sweat it.....  Diana

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  1. Hello Diana!

    Thank you so much for your kind words! Woohoo, you got yourself a trailer! Good for you! I love it and all the things you are making for it! You are one awesome sewing and quilter!

    You can copy and paste the picture of Christ and LDS typewriter. Right clic your mouse to do so. When you add them to your blog, put the LDS link to them. Good Luck!

    Have a wonderful day!