Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Shabby China Plates Redo

Do you have a few pieces of old china that are just taking up room in your cabinets?  Not enough pieces to set a table but too pretty to toss away?
 With a drill and a bit of patience you can turn them into pretty dessert and sandwich stands, or maybe even jewelry holders!  Here are a few I have made in the last week.......  Above is one using a small dessert plate.
 Another dessert plate and dinner plate.
Small bowl and dinner plate.  If you want to make one you will need a 1/4 drill bit for glass and tile, Cake Stand Handle 2 Tier Silver Crown Center Rods Fitting (available on ebay) and some old dishes.
Mark the center of dish on back with sharpie pin.  Use a block of wood to support plate and start to drill.  Be careful at first as the bit may jump around on the plate until it nicks the surface.  I found that starting with a much smaller bit was easier.  Then I switched to the 1/4 bit after the hole was already started.

Switch to drilling from the front once the drill bit has just barely gone through the surface of the front.  That will limit the possibility of chipping the front of the plate surface.  Continue drilling until you have a neat 1/4 inch hole completely through the plate.
Assemble the stands using the rubber gaskets in the kit.  Clean everything off and you now have the prettiest little dessert stands ever!

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  1. Great instruction I did tea cup stands for the garden and my DH drilled the holes and he was not happy. If you can do I can.