Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tiny Advent Calendar

I needed to make a simple Advent Calendar for my son's boys and looked online for a cute little kit to put together.   Most of them needed to be assembled and knowing my woodworking skills I decided those were not for me.  I got this little kit at my local craft store and it was perfect for a quick and easy project.  It doesn't need to be put together, just decorated.  You can find it online here.
Here are a few hints to make your project go smoothly.  The boxes and frame are made out of cardboard (now don't read that as flimsy, it is quite sturdy) and have a shiny paper coating.  Glue is going to have a hard time creating a permanent bond.  Instead, use permanent red adhesive tape that you find at your craft store in the scrap booking section.  Now for the paper I used regular weight not cardstock but I don't think it matters much, I just found more patterns to choose from in the lighter paper.  To get the notch at the top just use a hole punch and it will be perfect.  Once your paper in on, sand the edges lightly and ink a bit too.  The kit comes with the number stickers!   Seriously, this couldn't be easier!  I think it is more fun to have the numbers count down to Christmas instead of counting the "Days of Christmas".  Just my preference.  This Advent Calendar is small and colorful and the drawers can hold a few chocolate kisses....... 
And it will fit in a box for mailing to those grandkids........  Just be sure and include the treats or you will be in trouble.

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