Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Using Peppermint Spoons to Make a Mold

I found the cutest peppermint spoons (Wiltons) for hot chocolate a few days ago.  I bought two boxes, one to give to a friend and one for us!  They were sooooo cute I thought I would use one spoon to make a mold so I could enjoy even more spoons!  Chocolate spoons, hard candy spoons, the possibilities are almost endless. 
 I used a food safe molding compound, followed the directions and within a few minutes I was able to press the spoon into the putty.  Be sure and mold the putty on the detailed side of the spoon.
 I waited a half an hour (got busy with something else and forgot about the mold.....oops) and then easily got the spoon out.  Now I have a mold that I can use when I have a need for an edible spoon--yippee!
This is the putty I use!  It is so great I always have a bit of it on hand......call me crazy but I get a little anxious if I run out. 

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