Friday, April 24, 2015

Very Sweet Bibs

Can you believe I have never made a bib before?  Been sewing my whole life but this simple project has never been on my to do list......until my husband asked me to make some for a coworker's new baby in China.  Normally I would make a quilt for the occasion but it is soooo hot in China right now he thought a quilt would go unused.  So some bibs it was.
 I had a lot of much fun making these.  I got the pattern online here.
 I used fabric instead of terry cloth on the back.
 Machine appliqued "shabby" style.  That means I left raw edges......kind of like "country" style potatoes means I don't take the time to peel them.

A little ric rac and some snaps were all the notions needed to complete these adorable bibs.  And in a few days these will be on there way to China and a sweet little baby girl.

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