Thursday, April 9, 2015

Pin Win Chocolate Eggs With Cheesecake Filling

Pin win!  I tried these adorable cheesecake filled chocolate eggs I found on Pinterest  and they turned out perfect!
 The pin was from raspberri cupcakes and with a few adjustments I was proud to put these on the Easter table.
 First of all I couldn't find premade hollow chocolate eggs so I had to make my own.  No mold-no problem.  I just worked with a half egg mold I had.....I would love to show how I did it for you but apparently cheap molds shouldn't go in the dish washer.....who knew!  Let's just hope you can find a 3D egg mold so you can have an easier time.  I trimmed off that ridge of chocolate to get a smooth joint.
 raspberri cupcakes' cheesecake recipe was delicious but instead of the passion fruit yolk she used, I made up a batch of lemon curd.  Dyed it a deep orange to more resemble a rich yolk.  Also I piped in the fillings instead of using a spoon to shove it in.  
One other adjustment.  I made my eggs freestanding by putting a blob of melted chocolate on wax paper and setting an egg on each blob.  You have to hold them steady for a bit but it worked out great.  If you have enough egg cups you could avoid this step.  Pretty impressive huh.  Kind of like a Cadsbury egg!  But much more delicious.

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