Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Chocolate Covered Jelly Sticks

Third attempt the charm!  At least when it comes to this yummy candy.
While these aren't exactly like the delicious candy you can buy at the store. they come pretty close.
I tried two other recipes. neither of which worked very well.  One came out two runny and the other was so chewy it was inedible.  Both were a lot of work too.  Big disappointment.  Finally I went with the easiest recipe that appeared here on Utube.  It worked and took no time at all.  I used raspberry jello cuz that's my favorite.  I poured the liquid into a silicone mold for water bottle ice cubes.
 Well. the gummy part took no time at all but dipping them in chocolate. not so easy.  Those little buggers were slippery and floppy.  What a mess.  But once they were covered in chocolate I drizzled a little more chocolate on top to make it look deliberate.  Ta-da!  Fancy looking candies! 
What would I do differently......add a little raspberry flavoring to increase the intensity of the raspberry jello!!!!  I had also made some gummies in a heart mold and I wouldn't do that again.  Too difficult to hold on to for dipping in chocolate.  Kept falling off the dipping fork and back into the chocolate.  Over and over again til I just gave up and grabbed them out with my hands.  Chocolate everywhere.  EVERYWHERE!  And the finished product?  Not pretty enough to appear on the blog so you got to take my work for it.  Stick with the sticks.

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