Saturday, July 17, 2010

Goodwill Frames

I found these really ugly frames at Goodwill this week. Yes that is red velvet glued to the center!!! But they had a lot of detail in the plaster and were real cheap....99cents each! I tore them apart and then let them sit for a few days til I knew what to do with them.
I saved every bit, except the velvet, and got out the spray paint.
The finish is real rough so I knew a smooth finish wasn't going to happen.
A few coats of white matte finish spray paint.
I used scrapbook paper mounted on foam tape. Black ink around the edges of the paper and, because the white paint was a little stark, I inked the carving on the frame too. A coat of sealer will keep the ink from rubbing off. The "jewelry" in the center is a button from Walmart that I removed the shank from and glued to the paper.
The clear stones look great against the cream, black and white color scheme.
The pink is a little more off beat but I like the shock of color.
Here you can see the detail up close. The ink really helped these detail keep from disappearing in the sea of white. Diana

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  1. That a great idea! I love it. it is simple and it is cute.
    thank you for this insperation!