Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Batty Soap

Water soluble paper is so fun! It is great to use in melt and pour soap making. First decide what size image you need for your mold. I didn't want to waste paper so I cut and pasted a lot of images on to my document and then printed it. Check out some of these cool graphics all of which came from The Graphics Fairy. After I printed it on the water soluble paper, I sprayed it with hair spray to help set the ink.

Next I cut out two images and set them aside. I melted some clear glycerin soap base, spraying with rubbing alcohol to remove the bubbles, and added just a dot of blue coloring. I then poured a thin layer in the molds and let them set for a few minutes. Laying the image face down into the mold, I pressed it in just to embed it. Next I melted the white soap base, cooled it to 130 degrees and added fragrance. I sprayed a little alcohol on the clear soap in the mold and then carefully poured the white soap on top of the clear. I sprayed it again with the alcohol and let it set for at least 6 hours.

This was the hard part.....waiting!

I removed the soap from the molds and trimmed up the edges and look how cool.

This bat is the same one Jennifer used in her picture on Monday's post.
This lock and key is a bit too busy but I still am amazed at how much detail there is! This soap making is fun fun fun. Diana


  1. You are so creative. I have been paging thru your site and am now your newest follower. Love it. I especially love this soap but where do you find water soluble paper?

  2. The water soluble paper can be found at Bramble Berry
    and is so fun to work with! Thanks for following us here at Closet Crafter! Diana

  3. This is great! I like how you layered the lock and key - it doesn't look busy to me! ~Marcy

  4. Very cool! Halloween is my most favorite holiday and I would love to do these this year! Thanks for sharing! New follower!


  5. These are adorable!! What a great idea! Thanks so much for linking this up today for Brag Monday.

  6. cute idea! Have to add this to my list of "To DO's" Margaret

  7. This is so much fun! I always wondered how this was done. Sounds pretty easy but i never could figure it out!


  8. That is cool! I need some for our guest bathroom for Halloween! I will have to talk my friend who makes soap into making some for me!