Monday, July 19, 2010

Old Clock Into Shadow Box

We have had this clock for a long time. It wasn't very attractive but it did keep good time. Then it finally quit. On the way to the trash can I took a second look at it and realized it would make a great shadow box! Now I just needed something to go in it. I dug through some odds and ends and found an old key from the same auction that I got all that silverware from. So I took the clock apart, masked the glass.(next time remember to mask the back of the glass too!!!!) and then got out the spray paint.
I painted the wood white, sanded some paint off for wear and then dry brushed on a little brown paint. Next came a coat of matte sealer. For the inside I printed off a copy of an antique looking iron gate from The Graphics Fairy which I inked heavily so it looked like parchment. Lastly I attached the old key with glue dots and closed the back up.
Here it is on the mantle. I really like the distressed look!
A side view gives you a better sense of the depth of the box. Cost? Just the paint which I already had! Diana


  1. Wow, this is gorgeous!! I love it and I love the key and gate together and the shabby chic paint...beautiful, truly beautiful!

  2. So beautiful! I would have passed that clock right by in a second-hand shop, but would have whipped out my checkbook for your version at a swanky boutique!

  3. Beautiful!! What a great way to reuse that clock, it's the perfect thing for a shadow box. You have great vision! Thanks so much for sharing this on Brag Monday.

  4. very pretty! Love the shadow box - it just gives it a totally different look!

  5. Beautiful! A wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is a fabulous redo--so sweet! Thanks for sharing.