Saturday, July 17, 2010

Warm Fuzzies

It is my turn to do Sharetime at church and my daughter told me about the Warm Fuzzies Jar from last year's General Conference talk. Since we are talking about following Jesus' example of doing good I resurrected the idea. But went a little nuts with the decorating. Of course. We will fill the jar with good deeds (pom poms) and record the deeds in this small book I made with the Zutter. Then when we have filled both, we will give it to the Bishop as a gift from the children.
I nipped a little off one side of the pom poms so they could lay flat on the book. Lots of inking and I stamped the words using clear letter stamps.
Light weight index cards cut down to fit the book were just the right weight to hold up to the little hands that will be writing in this book. Diana

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