Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Chocolate Covered Cherries

Every year at Christmas time I can't wait for the Cordial Cherries to appear on the store shelves.  LOVE THEM
I think they taste so good because they are only available a few short months out of the year.  I have tried to make them before but I could never get the centers to liquefy.  Even after a couple of weeks thay sill were solid inside.  Delicious but solid.  I didn't give up and I finally learned the secret---invertase!
 But before we go there, what do you think of the cute little birdcage I packaged the chocolates in?
Adorable, right?
 OK back to the candy.....I found a great recipe here.   It listed invertase as an ingredient.  Wow, never heard of that before.  I googled it and found out it was what made the centers turn to liquid, was available on line and best of all was cheap.
 So a few clicks and two days later I had the invertase enzyme in my hot little hands and was ready to go.
The recipe was easy, and a lot of fun to make.  I have checked the candy every day and by the second day I had significant liquid.  Did I mention how I tested them.  You better believe I ate them!  I mean, I had to, right?  So now I can have these yummy treat all year long.  Yippee!

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