Thursday, May 14, 2015

Copycat Panera Chocolate Cookies

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ThePinningMama Copycat Panera Chocolate Chip Cookies sounded so good I had to give them a try.   They looked big, soft and thick with loads of chocolate.  What's not to love?   
 So I got my ingredients together and baked up a batch, well actually four cookies cuz I'm on a diet and the last thing I need in the house is a cookie jar full of giant cookies.....The rest are frozen in my freezer. 
 They are frozen as individual cookies so you can pop one (or more) in the oven ANYTIME YOU NEED ONE.  
 I thought they would spread a bit more though.  Hmmmm.  So the one little tip I would offer is to let them thaw just a little before you bake them so you can flatten them down a bit.  Looks prettier and not so biscuit like.  Oh, and I added a bit more chocolate chips, both regular and chunks.  Since I have never had a Panera CC cookie I can't speak as to how close these come to the original.  But as far as I am concerned these cookies are delicious. 

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