Saturday, May 16, 2015

Little Pink Hankie

Why carry around a paper tissue when you can have a pretty little hankie instead.
 Used some leftover fabric from a dress I made and crocheted a delicate edging.
How cute will this look in my purse!
fabric cut 7 1/ x 7 1/4
1/8 inch rolled hem
number 10 crochet thread and US 7 hook
Using an awl or tapestry needle, poke holes along hem every 5/8 inch.
Attach thread in corner hole,  sc, *chain 3, sc, chain 7, sc, chain 3, sc all in same corner hole,*    **chain 7, sc, chain 3, sc in next hole**  (repeat ** until you reach next corner hole and then repeat *).  Continue around hankie until you meet up with first sc.  slip stitch into first sc.


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